Weekly Cash Clock

Dear Reader,Hi, I’m Tom Gentile. I want you to take a good look at this chart.

Do you think you could double your money on a stock like this by Friday?

Most people would call you crazy if you told them that.

This stock has been a pure dog for weeks. Right through last Friday.

But look closely again.

Because in the next few minutes, I’m going to show you a phenomenon – it’s an obscure pattern hidden within this chart.

And this pattern holds the secret to an exciting NEW way to make tons of money in just one week.

Not one in a thousand people know about this.

Not even the bankers, traders, and hedge fund managers who’ve made billions of dollars pioneering these kinds of weekly gains.

But I do.

In fact, I’ve created a tool that identifies and leverages these patterns like a rocket.

So not only could you make a gain on a stock like this in the next week…

But a HUGE gain.

Very possibly 246% or more in the span of four measly days.

And I’m able to uncover new gains opportunities like this week after week after week. Every time my tool gives the signal.

Collecting these gains is so easy, anyone can do it…

And you’re NOT “shorting” stocks, trading futures, or anything risky like that.

You just make one simple move on Monday and get in position to take your well-earned profits on Friday.

All from stocks whose charts seem to appear as bad as this one… or worse.

Think I’m kidding?

Look, my team and I spent four months studying billions of data points on 400 of the most liquid stocks in the market.

We analyzed and backtested thousands of potential trades…

And here’s what we uncovered – an unprecedented moneymaking pattern that gives you the chance to double your money in four days or less, week after week.

When you see the results I’m about to show you, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Let’s start with this chart from a few days ago.

This company was barely hanging onto life on Monday…

But I saw the pattern that signaled a turnaround… and a huge payday by Friday.

The Monday before that, this stock was another dog going nowhere.

But those who saw the pattern – and knew what to do about it – could have quickly cashed in for this huge gain in just one day.

Here’s another one from just before that. You can clearly see how this stock was tanking big time.

But by Friday, it took off like a rocket to pay out an incredible triple-digit gain… in just three days.

And look at this one. THIS stock was taking an ugly nose dive…

But by Friday it turned into another spectacular gain.

The week before that, this one was trying to prevent a dramatic collapse…

And it turned on a dime to double in one day.

You see, this all-new trading method can fill your pockets with triple-digit gains faster… and more consistently… than anything you’ve ever seen…

From a source you’re likely not tapping into at all right now.

You can literally be in and out with your money in four days! Bing. Bang. Boom.

You get in on Monday… and you have no choice but to be out by Friday…

With the very real potential to double your money – and often much more.

Week after week. All year round.

Let’s go back a little further and take a look at how trades I spotted during my “test drive” in April would have pulled in winner after winner…

On April 25, Seagate (STX) was dropping like a rock. But the trade I selected took off and kept climbing until it hit a 397% gain by Friday.

The week before that, on Monday, April 18, I found Allergan (AGN) right as it was about to spike. The trade I picked would have returned 148% by the end of the week.

By the time my tool identified the signal for Pandora Media on Monday, April 11, it was in a freefall, having lost 26.8% of its value in just the previous two weeks.

But making one simple trade, you could have almost TRIPLED your money on Pandora by Friday, April 15.

The week before that, on Monday, April 4, my testing showed how the tool pinpointed an invisible pattern that signaled good things for one Jr. Miners ETF (JNUG).

Sure enough, within four days – by Friday, April 8 – you could have pocketed an incredible 349% PROFIT.

Do you see how powerful this is? Week after week it reveals hidden patterns nobody else can see.

Patterns that can help you double your money – or more – in just four days. No matter what the market is doing.

Of course, no method in the world can be 100% guaranteed, no matter how good its record…

But you can see that this lucrative pattern just keeps happening over and over again, week after week. Nothing can stop it!

Just to prove it to you, I’ve spent millions of dollars on research and the most advanced backtesting analysis of its kind.

I even hired a team of elite mathematicians, programmers, and analytics experts to run it.

They’ve crunched through millions of transactions and billions of data points covering the past five years.

And the numbers speak for themselves. This is the real deal.

So let’s look at those numbers again… in a slightly different way.

One that hits you right in your wallet.

Even if you only invested just $500 in each of those trades…

Look at how much extra cash could have been yours in the last couple months – a time period when the S&P 500 barely returned a 1.3% gain.

  • April 8 would have started you off with a 349% gain on JNUG… that’s an extra $1,745 right off the bat
  • April 15, you would have added $850 on Pandora
  • April 18’s play on Allergan would have added $740 by Friday, April 22
  • And you would have closed out April with a whopping $1,985 gain on Seagate April 29
  • May started out with a $521 gain on Netflix on May 3…
  • It was followed on May 13 with an extra $625 profit on HFC… and $534 profit on PANW plus $352 on FOSL on May 19…
  • May 24, GPS would have added $500 to your total…
  • And June 3, you’d have pocketed another $541 on VRX…

Investing just $500 in each of those trades… and pocketing your profits every week…

You could have had an extra $8,394 cashover SIXTEEN TIMES YOUR MONEY!

If you started with a modest $1,000, you could have been looking at $16,788 MORE!

Now, what if you transferred just $5,000 from your worst-performing investment to try out this new way to make money?

That $5,000 stake could have meant over $83,940 in EXTRA CASH FOR YOU!

Over the exact same time period you would have only made a measly $7 bucks for every $500 invested in the S&P 500.

Considering that gains like this go back Friday after Friday, for years…

Imagine how much extra money you could make THIS YEAR – starting this WEEK!

Here’s the thing…

If you know where to look and what to do… you could pocket exciting new gains like this again and again.

My analysis shows that the AVERAGE weekly gain of the top trades in all of 2015 was a whopping 246.58%. And peak individual weekly gains included…

  • 825% One-week PROFIT on Expedia
  • 214% PROFIT on Kandi Technologies
  • 207% on Capital One Financial
  • 148% on Deckers Outdoor Corp
  • 381% PROFIT on Michael Kors
  • And even an incredible 1,000% PROFIT in one week on Yelp…

That’s the kind of gain that would have turned a single $500 stake into over $5,000… in just four days!

So expecting to double your money from Monday to Friday is setting the bar so low, even a toddler could leap over it.

Now let me be perfectly clear…

  • These are NOT “rebound stocks”…
  • NOT high-yield junk bonds…
  • NOT risky “penny stocks”…
  • And NOT shaky distressed assets… or futures contracts or ANY of that risky junk.

The gains I’m revealing here all come from a tiny, lucrative niche of the top 2% of available stocks.

Companies like Amazon, Capital One Financial, Netflix, Morgan Stanley, Exxon Mobil… you name it.

In fact, this probably involves LESS RISK than anything you’re already doing right now.

Take the big institutional investors, for example. They put their careers and reputations on the line with every trade…

And they’ve been raking in billions of dollars virtually this exact same way – week in and week out.

They’ve just kept it well-hidden from the average investor… until now.

You see, I’ve discovered the secret to consistently capturing this new weekly wealth.

It’s a rare “convergence” of three obscure market channels that’s hidden in plain sight.

And nobody else – not even Wall Street’s insiders – can see the patterns that I’ve found.

My team has done a complex analysis, looking back at every single trade and market factor since 2010. And this convergence has identified hundreds of trades with the potential for exponential profit opportunities… worth billions of dollars.

  • This convergence was hidden in each of the stock charts we just looked at. The ones that could have turned every $500 into over $8,394 since April…
  • It’s in this week’s chart. The same chart that could double your money by this Friday
  • And it will be in dozens of other charts just like these. Week after week… year after year… with no end in sight.

No matter how well these convergences are hidden, my revolutionary new tool finds them. And it illuminates them like a laser-clear beacon.

It’s like setting a weekly “Profit Alarm.” A rare but unmistakable signal that if you get in on Monday… you could Double Your Money by Friday.

Now, Mike Ward, my boss here at Money Map Press, thinks I’m crazy.

Because not only am I going to show you exactly how you could more than double your money by Friday on the stock I just showed you…

But with your permission, I’m also going to guide you step by step to every single money-doubling opportunity my new strategy reveals for the next eight weeks…

Before I give you all the details, let me introduce myself.

Tom Gentile

And hopefully prove to you why I may not be so crazy after all.

As I said earlier, my name is Tom Gentile.

Chances are you’ve read one of my best-selling books on market-beating strategies.

Or maybe you’re one of the more than 300,000 students I’ve taught to spot maximum-gain, minimum-risk trades.

Making money in the markets has been my passion since I started investing as a teenager.

My 30-year career has taken me from being a boots-on-the-ground trader at the American Stock Exchange (AMEX)… to being co-founder of one of the world’s leading and most trusted financial education companies.

Pioneering advanced technologies has always been the secret to my success.

In fact, Charles Schwab eventually paid many, many millions of dollars just so they could get the revolutionary programming behind my work.

Since then, I’ve had both the time and the money to develop the most technologically advanced investing tools in the world.

And I use the remarkable patterns they identify to recommend the fastest and easiest trades on the market to my readers…

For the last year, I’ve been all over the media following the launch of my ultra-successful, patent-pending Money Calendar.

The breakthrough programming behind my Money Calendar paved the way to millions of dollars in potential profits for my readers in around 30 days.

My mailbox has been literally overflowing with grateful notes that prove how easily you can make money thanks to my revolutionary tools.

Like this one from Charles Shumaker:

“Tom, I placed the trade just as you suggested and it closed today for a profit of $4,000. Thanks for the great call!”

Samuel Avers wrote that he doubled his money three times. As he put it:

“I’ve already made three 100% gainers since joining just a few weeks ago.”

Donald Brittles is equally amazed. He wrote:

“I made $3,000 profit in less than 24 hours on Priceline (PCLN) and $8,580 profit off Amazon (AMZN) in 11 days.”

Ginny Solomon calls my methods a godsend. As she puts it:

“Since I am a retired math teacher with a small retirement, this will make my retirement easier. This is a Godsend. Thanks!!!!!”

Now, what I’m about to show you today is totally different. In fact, it’s the most exciting thing I’ve developed so far.

Today, you’re one of the first people on the planet who’s going to learn about my revolutionary new tool called the Weekly Cash Clock.


Because it figures out a way to make money every WEEK. Like clockwork.

Meaning, when the alarm goes off, you have the opportunity to score big.

And it does this by ripping the mask off of one of the most elusive prizes in the history of making money: timing the bottom.

NOT after the fact, like everyone else out there.

All that does is get you to the party days late – and leave you mega-dollars short.

But right as it’s happening. In real time.

In perfect time for YOU to ride the profit wave THIS WEEK, while it’s red hot…

And get out with potentially massive gains in four days or less – BEFORE next week’s market forces can strip away any gains.

This is the Holy Grail. Every investor’s dream come true.

It’s buy-low, and sell-high… on STEROIDS.

People have been trying to time the market for centuries. And for the most part, they’ve failed miserably.

Even Sir Isaac Newton, the genius who invented calculus and conceptualized the three laws of motion, couldn’t do it.

After losing a fortune in the stock market of 1720, Newton admitted even he couldn’t predict why people made trades when they did:

“I can calculate the motions of the heavenly bodies, but not the madness of the people.”

The problem has always been twofold: Being Too Late and Thinking Too Big.

The trouble with market indicators is that, by definition, you don’t know about them until they’ve already happened. And when it comes to making money, that makes you too late.

You either get in right before the market is about to sell off, or right after. Either way, you inevitably miss the big moves.

Another problem has been trying to time the market as a whole. It’s simply too big and too fluid. Like juggling Jell-O. It’s impossible to get a handle on it. Nobody on earth can predict where the Dow or the S&P will close.

There simply isn’t any single indicator that is reliable every single week, for every changing market condition, for every single stock… let alone the entire market.

But now, my Weekly Cash Clock changes all that…

For the first time ever, thanks to today’s massive computing power and my team of math and programming wizards… it does something totally unique.

It zeroes in on only one thing: Finding the unique, hidden factors moving the market EVERY WEEK for just one tiny, lucrative niche.

And it precisely identifies the turning point for very specific individual stocks within that niche.

In other words, Weekly Cash Clock has finally unlocked the secret to finding ultra-short-term, ultra-specific spikes in a tiny area that’s never before been exploited.

And it reveals the kind of ultra-fast trades that can make you really rich, really fast, like these one-week gains my programing identified…

  • 680.01% GAIN in 1 Week on Monster Beverage (MNST)
  • 374.19% GAIN in 1 Week on United States Oil (USO)
  • 295.24% GAIN in 1 Week on Cisco Systems (CSCO)
  • 402.98% GAIN in 1 Week on Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR)
  • 294.59% GAIN in 1 Week on National Oilwell Varco (NOV)

Remember… those are the kinds of gains most people won’t earn in months… years… or even decades… all on the biggest, most liquid companies on the planet.

But thanks to my Weekly Cash Clock, gains like these could be lining your pockets in just four days. Over and over again.

It all started when I discovered that…

Every time these three invisible channels converged …

Someone got rich.

After analyzing millions of trades and billions of data points I unearthed three unusual signals in the data.

Three unmistakable signs of pending market moves that I’ve never seen anyone find before…

Here’s the key:

My complex analytics – the ones I spent millions developing – discovered that almost every time these signals converge in a very precise way…

There’s a TON of money to be made!

In fact, when you take a look at these ugly-duckling charts, just like the ones I showed you earlier, the profit potential is as plain as day

For example…

Right up to the Monday that my Weekly Cash Clock sounded the “BUY” signal for Chevron (CVX), it had been in a freefall for months.

It looked like a suicide mission.

But my Weekly Cash Clock tool dutifully crunched all of Chevron’s numbers like it had been doing every week for months. Only this time, it saw what it hadn’t seen in months.

First, it calculated the “precipitation channel.”

Shown in red on the chart, this channel indicates a precise measurement in the slope degradation.

Then it calculated the “parallel channel,” shown in yellow. This channel illuminates a tendency to level out.

Finally it calculated the green “propulsion channel” that calculates the likelihood of a big spike up.

This may be the most critical of the three channels because it prevents jumping into – or out of – an opportunity too soon.

Here’s the key: When Weekly Cash Clock put them all together, it discovered that they converged.

And within four days – from Monday to Friday – Chevron had turned on a dime…

Those using this new way to make money could have pocketed a lightning fast 323.62% GAIN in that one week.

Here’s another one.

Weekly Cash Clock would have given the signal for Alexion Pharmaceuticals (ALXN) just as it crashed past its lowest point in three months. And to most people, it seemed headed straight for the bottom.

But in the midst of the carnage, Weekly Cash Clock’s complex algorithms spotted the telltale convergence.

First, it calculated the “precipitation channel,” shown in red.

Then it calculated the yellow “parallel channel.”

Finally it isolated the “propulsion channel,” shown in green.

Those three channels converged on Monday…

And sure enough, by that very Friday…

Alexion Pharmaceutical turned a 301.7% PROFITin four days!

Look at this one.

After trading basically flat for months, shares of electric automobile pioneer Kandi Technologies (KNDI) took a nosedive.

While tracking the channels moving the markets on Monday, Weekly Cash Clock identified this sudden convergence of the three telltale channels on KNDI.

Just four days later, by Friday…

KNDI shot back with a 214.29% GAIN in one week.

I could show you dozens of similar charts. But what you’d see over and over would be exactly the same: When these channels collide, people can get rich!

Now, before we go on, I want to give you a word of caution…

What goes down… usually keeps going down.

Some people are tempted to look at charts like these and look for a short cut.

They incorrectly assume that all you have to do is find a chart that’s going down. They just put some money on it figuring it HAS to go back up sometime.


There’s a name for trades like that. They’re called rebound stocks.

And hoping to catch stocks on the rebound is one of the fastest ways to lose money I know.

That’s why we’re not doing that. That’s NOT what my new Weekly Cash Clock is about.

We’re only going after very specific trades.

Trades with the overwhelming potential to get you in on Monday and out by Friday. With gains of 100%… 300%… 500% and more.

The ONLY way that’s going to happen is when these three precise, hidden channels converge…

And my Weekly Cash Clock is the ONLY tool in the world that can pinpoint when that happens… RIGHT AS IT’S HAPPENING.

Let’s look at that Alexion chart again and I’ll show you what I mean.

With hind sight being 20/20, you might wonder why the Cash Clock didn’t identify a trade here, on February 9 or March 16.

The answer is simple. The channels didn’t converge then.

Stocks bounce up and down for many reasons. And like Isaac Newton, we haven’t got a clue about 99% of them.

But we’re not interested in trying to catch EVERY bounce. For every one we catch, like Alexion if we were very lucky… we’d go broke missing 10 others.

No, we only want to catch every bounce where the odds are overwhelmingly in our favor.

Statistically, the ONLY time that happens is when the three critical channels converge. That’s what my Weekly Cash Clock was born to detect and tell us.

Of course, you’ll be happy to know that same, stubborn refusal to compromise is also the reason you don’t have to worry about getting burned.

Weekly Cash Clock didn’t give even one erroneous signal to buy CVX. Not on May 20, June 5, July 8… or any other date on the chart.

Why not? Because, again, the channels didn’t converge.

So although Weekly Cash Clock analyzed CVX every single day…

It skipped right over it for over three months. Until the channels converged and the time was perfect.

Not only did Weekly Cash Clock spot a setup for investors to make a quick 323.62% GAIN in one week…

It also would have saved them from making costly mistakes. Ones that no doubt swallowed up many others who tried to catch a bounce.

As you can see, even the trades Weekly Cash Clock DOESN’T recommend speak volumes about why this may be the most dependable, minimized-risk way to make money ever.

So why haven’t you heard of this before?

Like I said, this is a whole NEW way to make money… and it’s combined with a completely NEW section of the market. That’s what makes it so powerful.

The fact is, until a few years ago, you couldn’t make money this way if you wanted to.

There was simply no way to leverage my algorithms into making massive gains EVERY WEEK. That had NEVER even existed before.

Then two things happened.

First, a government-regulated agency introduced a radical new program.

And second, I figured out how to beat it to a pulp with my system.

Here’s the whole story.

New Government-Regulated “Weekly Distribution Contracts

Back in 2005, an organization under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government got an idea. They determined that investors should have a true “insider” way to take advantage of ultra-short-term market moves.

It took them five years to get it right, but in 2010 they finally introduced a new investing instrument I call “Weekly Distribution Contracts.”

These Weekly Distribution Contracts are actually simple contracts designed to issue payouts on a weekly basis.

Not only that, these special contracts give you exponential power over your money. Power that could turn small, single-digit gains into profits of 100% or more. Every single week.

Institutional investors jumped on these contracts like buzzards on a fresh kill.

Reuters significantly understated the situation when it reported this “is quickly gaining favor among institutional investors.”

This chart shows how average daily volume set a tenth consecutive record in 2015. It reached a new all-time high, up 24% over 2014.

Now, the incredible money being made was virtually invisible, because these bankers, hedge fund traders, and fund managers were happy to keep the profits to themselves. Heck, ordinary investors probably didn’t even know these trades existed, much less how to make this kind of money on a weekly basis.

But I saw it right away.

You see, after spending countless months – and millions of my own money – my Weekly Cash Clock could finally be combined with this little-known niche of the market.

All I had to do was take my Weekly Cash Clock convergences and combine them with very specific Weekly Distribution Contracts.

Ones that perfectly leverage the unique market moves each week.

Here’s the beauty of these contracts.

For the first time ever, making huge amounts of money every week was as easy as calling a simple up or down move – and I have a whole week to make that call using the most powerful tool of its kind that exists today.

It’s the only legal, repeatable way that I know of to make these kinds of huge gains IN ONE WEEK!

And I have an advantage that nobody else on the plant has.

Thanks to my Weekly Cash Clock, I not only know WHEN I expect the money to move… I know exactly WHERE I expect it to go.

It’s like walking into a casino with a pocket full of marked cards, loaded dice, and plugged nickels…

And walking out with truckloads of gains like the ones spotted in our testing over and over again…

  • 581.02% GAIN in 1 Week on Noble (NE)
  • 308.51% GAIN in 1 Week on Market Vectors Oil Service (OIH)
  • 302.99% GAIN in 1 Week on Exxon Mobil (XOM)
  • 375.73% GAIN in 1 Week on Fossil (FOSL), and
  • 288.89% GAIN in 1 Week on Vertex (VRTX)

Making money this way is so easy, I almost feel guilty.

And remember, this is a brand new thing.

You’re never going to hear about this on TV, not even from the talking heads on the financial news networks. The average guy has no idea this even exists.

But the great news for you today is…

Thanks to my Weekly Cash Clock, now YOU can get in on these weekly opportunities to double your money – and oftentimes much more. And that could mean the difference between struggling to get by… or living the retirement of your dreams.

Look how easily these Weekly Cash Clock trades could have turned every $500 into $16,282.46… just last year.

Weekly Cash Clock is made for one thing: A WEEKLY profit strategy that always starts on Monday and ends on Friday.

First it identifies the convergences that clearly indicate the exact Monday when certain stocks are poised to accelerate… in REAL TIME… for the first time ever.

Then my Weekly Cash Clock trades give you the precise setup for the one or two best Weekly Distribution Contracts that can ride that particular bounce to extraordinary gains by Friday. Over and over.

Imagine the money you could make if you could buy “low” virtually every single time… and then cash in “high” within four days, without ever worrying about what the market might do next week.

That’s exactly the moneymaking power Weekly Cash Clock could give you week after week… all year long.

Now, as I said before, no strategy times things perfectly 100% of the time. And there’s always risk involved with any investment.

But there’s something important you should know right here…

You see, I refuse to take unnecessary chances when it comes to investing. So I programmed Weekly Cash Clock to be the most rejection-biased tool in the world.

In other words, unless all the criteria for success are met 100% in full, Weekly Cash Clock stubbornly refuses to signal ANY buying convergence.

95% is nowhere good enough. 98% won’t cut it either. It won’t even budge with 99.99% certainty.

Better to sit out and keep our powder dry for the next 100% signal.

Now let me explain something else that’s very important…

I’m NEVER going to recommend every single trade my Weekly Cash Clock pinpoints.

No matter how advanced and complex my Weekly Cash Clock may be – which it is…

There’s NO WAY I’m going to sit back and blindly let ANY tool do all my thinking.

Weekly Cash Clock is just the starting point. It gives me possibilities nobody else can see.

Then I apply my own personal experience and analysis to cherry pick the best one or two Weekly Distribution Contracts in any given week.

Then, and only then (after it’s passed all my rigorous criteria and after the contract has been fully vetted) will I share my analysis and trade recommendation with my readers.

For the sake of argument, though, let’s say I developed temporary insanity in 2015 and went with every single Weekly Cash Clock trade. No other filter at all.

75.8% of those trades were winners!

That’s how powerful my Weekly Cash Clock is.

Even BEFORE I add my personal expertise to the mix, winners outnumbered losers THREE to one.

And counting every single one of Weekly Cash Clock’s possible winning AND losing trades – the average gain in 2015 was still a whopping 87.8% each week.

Here’s what that means to you…

If you participated in just one Weekly Cash Clock trade each week in 2015.

And if all you got was the AVERAGE return on each of those trades…

By the end of 2015, every $500 would have skyrocketed into $16,243.24.

Not bad for a worst case scenario average…

Especially in a year when the S&P 500 lost nearly 1%.

Here’s the thing though… I’m not even remotely interested in settling for average. And neither should you.

So let’s look at something more realistic. Let me show you…

How Weekly Cash Clock could have put $927,401.92 more money in your pocket than the S&P 500.

Weekly Cash Clock tells me where the money is moving and when and where the upward spikes are likely to occur. But that’s just the beginning.

Before I settle on the very best, four-day, money-doubling Weekly Cash Clock opportunities, I personally scour the data. I run each Weekly Cash Clock opportunity through my personal gauntlet.

And I don’t stop until I find the perfect way to leverage these market moves FAST… THE SAME WEEK…

BEFORE the markets swing again.

Is all that work worth it?

Well, let’s look at 2015 again.

And let’s see just how quickly the money adds up if my rigorous screening pinpointed the best trades you could make…

With an average Return-On-Investment of 246.85% on my hand-picked trades… a $500 investment would have resulted in a whopping $27,123.75 profit.

And that’s just 2015.

In 2014 it could have been $21,772.30 profit.

In 2013 it could have been $16,475.75 profit.

Fact is, my extensive testing clearly shows that if you invested just $500 in the single top trade in each trading week since January 24, 2011…

You could have $92,740.19 MORE CASH than if you had indexed the S&P 500 those same weeks.

$1,000 in each trade could have meant $185,480.38 MORE CASH.

And if you had invested $5,000 in each week’s top trades… you’d be sitting on $927,401.92 EXTRA CASH!


And here’s something else I know you’re really going to appreciate:

If you’ve been frustrated (and who hasn’t?) seeing your nest egg being washed away by the recent extreme waves of negative volatility…

If you’ve felt angry and helpless watching today’s crazy markets devour your retirement dreams…

You’ll find this new way to make money is truly a godsend, because…

Weekly Cash Clock helps you make money no matter what the market is doing!

Weekly Cash Clock precisely times the unique convergences that drive each week’s specific market moves…

Moves that could double your money between Monday and Friday… every week!

And it identifies the stocks that are uniquely positioned to benefit from whatever that move may be. Because it identifies exactly which forces are in play from week to week.

Right now.

THIS week.

And that takes a lot of the guesswork out of growing rich and securing your financial future.

So you can forget what was hot last year… last month… even last week!

You can STOP trying to blindly guess where the money will be moving next year… next month… or next week!

And instead of being a victim of wild market moves…

My revolutionary Weekly Cash Clock can help you get into trades that are overwhelmingly likely to benefit from moves that others dread.

January’s record-setting free fall is a perfect example.

When the S&P 500 dropped 9.54% earlier this year, almost everyone was totally blindsided.

CNN Money reported that over 93% of investors lost money in January. Big time.

A whopping $2.3 trillion dollars in net wealth has been wiped out since the market’s peak last year.

And $1.5 trillion dollars lost was swallowed up in the first two weeks of 2016 alone.

It’s easy to throw big numbers around, so let me put that loss into perspective.

Losing $1.5 trillion dollars is like losing a stack of dollar bills that’s 101,799 miles high… and reaches almost halfway to the moon!

Naturally, there’s been no shortage of pundits wringing their hands and speculating on what went wrong and what to do about it.

But not me.

Frankly, I couldn’t care less.

I’m not saying I predicted the slaughter. I didn’t.

But after analyzing years of historical trades to verify all the parameters, I do know one thing:

My new tool’s proven it can do its job – finding lucrative four day trades – to perfection…

Weekly Cash Clock IDENTIFIED the different forces that were in play each of those specific, turbulent weeks.

It FOUND which stocks had bottomed out.

And most importantly…

It showed EXACTLY how to take maximum profit advantage of the high-spike situations.

Look at this chart showing what happened the week of January 11, for example.

While the market LOST 2.38% that single week…

The Weekly Cash Clock trade on AEO would have GAINED an incredible 130.0%.

That’s the difference between $500 shrinking to $488 in the market… or bulging to $1,150 in YOUR pocket!

Here’s another one…

While the S&P dropped 2.94% the week of February 1…

The Weekly Cash Clock trade on YANG would have GAINED 75.0%.

Instead of your $1,000 shrinking to $941.20 in the market… it could have swollen to $1,750!

And in between those two weeks… while the market staged a dead cat bounce for a modest 1.78% gain the week of January 25…

The Weekly Cash Clock trade on GPRO would have GAINED 100%.


And an EXTRA $4,911 instead of a measly $89 – for every $5,000 invested!

Last year’s strategies and tactics won’t cut it any more.

As early 2016 clearly and painfully illustrated…

When it comes to making money in today’s stock markets, all bets are off.

It’s not simply that the rules for navigating your way to Wall Street riches have changed…

We’re not even playing the same game anymore.

Buy-and-hold is an ancient relic.

Dividends are unreliable at best, and shrinking to oblivion.

MLP’s were a bloodbath…

Chasing what was hot last year… last month… even last week does nothing but secure you a cozy spot at the loser’s end of the line.

And trying to guess what will be hot next year… next month… even next week is like rolling dice loaded for failure.

Plain and simple… if you want to make money in today’s topsy-turvy markets… yesterday’s tactics won’t cut it.

You need to think differently.

You need a whole new strategy that doesn’t just react… but actually anticipates every violent twist and shake.

And puts you in position to capitalize on it. Big time.

It’s all about Speed. Flexibility. Timing.

Even turning on a dime won’t cut it. Try turning on an atom.

You have to be willing and able to forget about yesterday… and get in on whatever’s hot right now. Today.

That’s what I created Weekly Cash Clock to do.

And I’m proud to say it does it like nothing else can.

Here’s the bottom line: If you’re going to invest in today’s markets using yesterday’s outdated and statistically limited method … you’ll be lucky to keep your head above water.

  • But if you’re DONE stressing over the constant ups and downs of the market…
  • If you’re TIRED of worrying whether your nest egg will get you through retirement…
  • If you want to go for extraordinary NEW gains from a source where you’re not currently invested…
  • If you want the week after week potential to get in on Monday and out by Friday with up to double your money or more
  • If you’re ready to see my simple, step-by-step instructions, backed by the most sophisticated research and analysis in the world

My brand new service called Tom Gentile’s Weekly Cash Clock is the ONLY way to make it happen.

You simply can’t find these one-week gain opportunities anywhere else.

My Weekly Cash Clock is NOT a typical investing newsletter.

It’s a one-of-a-kind research service. Like having me as your market guide.

For you, it’s a quick and easy one-step process.

But behind the scenes, my Weekly Cash Clock and I work around the clock to unearth the convergences that could double your money in one week.

Every Day – The cutting-edge algorithms in my revolutionary Weekly Cash Clock crunch through billions of data points in millions of market channels.

And it doesn’t stop until it identifies and times the unique market convergences that are driving the market moves and signaling the bottoms THIS WEEK.

Every WeekendWeekly Cash Clock scours through two years’ worth of data on a small niche of the best stocks, ETFs, and indices in the market… and searches for those with an overwhelming correlation to THIS WEEK’S convergences.

That leaves just the cream of the crop. The few stocks with a virtual statistical certainty to make extraordinary profit from the various convergences THIS WEEK.

Every Monday – Where Weekly Cash Clock leaves off… I’m just getting started.

I take each of those top Weekly Cash Clock picks and run them through my personal wringer of analytics and expertise.

Some weeks nothing survives. Nothing meets my stringent standards.

But usually I boil things down to the top one or two trades. The top Weekly Distribution Contracts that could suddenly and safely turn every $500 invested into as much as $1,000 or more by FRIDAY…

Every time.

Every single Monday that I find a potentially incredible gain, you’ll get my Weekly Cash Clock alert from me directly to your personal email.

This short and sweet alert gives you everything you need to know. It guides you every step of the way to opportunities for extraordinary one-week gains you simply can’t get anywhere else.

And what’s really exciting is how easily you can make these super-fast gains… at a VERY comfortable pace.

While the forces driving the market change quickly every week…

There’s nothing rushed or difficult at all about making money with my Weekly Cash Clock.

There’s ZERO guesswork in finding new trades on your own…

ZERO being stuck at your computer…

ZERO checking your emails every day…

ZERO rushed, nerve-wracking decisions to make.

Once I alert you to these secret convergences… and reveal the best one or two ways to leverage them…it’s your call on whether or not you want to invest.

But remember, you’ll be able to get in on any Weekly Cash Clock trade for $500 or less.

And all it takes is about five minutes on Monday or Tuesday to set your next Profit Alarm for Friday.

And since every trade behind a Weekly Cash Clock recommendation is required by law to pay out any gains on Friday…

You just cash in and watch when the windfalls pour into your account such as a…

  • 433.1% GAIN in 1 Week on F5 Networks (FFIV)
  • 383.87% GAIN in 1 Week on Skechers USA (SKX)
  • 316.81% GAIN in 1 Week on Sarepta Therapeutics (SRPT)
  • 301.55% GAIN in 1 Week on Marathon Petroleum (MPC)
  • 390.79% GAIN in 1 Week on Morgan Stanley (MS)

The secret to theWeekly Cash Clock’s consistent success is simple…

It “shadows the money” to maximize gains… and minimize risk.

It really doesn’t matter what the economy is doing… what the Fed is doing… what Europe is doing.

Money is always going to be moving somewhere.

Always has, always will.

The simple key to maximizing wealth is to get in when the money moves to the bottom…

And then slingshots your gains as it spikes to the top.

Easier said than done… until Weekly Cash Clock.

Weekly Cash Clock precisely tracks and times the movement of three invisible money channels. It gets you in at the start of wherever the money is moving THIS WEEK.

While it’s red hot.

As long as we know it’s moving – and where it’s moving – nothing else really matters!

ETF? Large cap? Technology? Energy? Precious Metals? Health Care?

None of it matters.

Long-term trends?

It wouldn’t even matter if the market appeared on the verge of collapse.

As long as you’re in position for wherever the money is moving THIS WEEK…

You’ve got the opportunity right in front of you to make a lot of money. Period.

And that’s EXACTLY where my Weekly Cash Clock puts you in position every Monday.

For example, look what happened when my Cash Clock determined that TRANSPORTATION was on the move.

Those who knew about this new way to make money could have pocketed a lightning fast 135.29% GAIN on Tata Motors (TTM)!

The Monday before that, Weekly Cash Clock saw the money moving in CONSUMER ELECTRONICS.

Those trading Weekly Distribution Contracts in GoPro Inc. (GPRO) could have pocketed a 191.07% GAIN… in just four days!

The week before that, HEALTHCARE was on the move.

A Weekly Cash Clock trade on Community Health Systems (CYH) could have rewarded investors with a one-week GAIN of 178.18%.

The Monday before that it was a totally different story. After an unparalleled decline, Weekly Cash Clock determined that the money was once again moving in China.

Those who knew about this new way to make money could have collected a whopping 450% GAIN when Vipshop Holdings Limited (VIPS) skyrocketed by Friday.

That’s OVER FIVE TIMES THE MONEY… in just four days!

Sometimes, the convergences are so overwhelming that our trade recommendations will cover entire sectors.

Like the Monday when Weekly Cash Clock found that movement in OIL suddenly became extremely high…

And a Weekly Cash Clock trade on the Market Vectors Oil Services ETF (OIH) could have GAINED 308.51% by that Friday.

As you can see, Weekly Cash Clock takes the tried-and-true strategy of “buy low, sell high”… and straps a supercharged rocket engine to it.

Think about how powerful this is. And how liberating it is for you.

You don’t have to guess anymore.

Instead of months or years, your money is never tied up more than four days.

And you don’t have to worry anymore.

In fact…

You can quickly build wealth this way… without ANY previous experience at all.

By now you may be wanting to know more about the Weekly Distribution Contracts that are at the heart of every Cash Clock recommendation.

Simply put, they’re very specific types of options. They’re literally unique contracts made to distribute returns within one week, not months or years like conventional ones.

It’s the most unique thing of its kind.

These have only been in existence for a few years. And they’re as easy to use as trading a stock.

Plus, trading my Weekly Cash Clock as your guide actually MINIMIZES risk and MAXIMIZES gains. I make sure every trade can be extremely lucrative AND uncommonly safe in five critical ways.

  1. TOP COMPANIES – First of all, Cash Clock will ONLY pinpoint trades on the biggest, most liquid companies out there. So you’ll NEVER be stuck chasing a sure loser or risking your money on small stocks. So you don’t have to worry about getting burned.
  2. SMALL INVESTMENT – Second, I make sure you can get in on every single trade for as little as $500 or less. So unlike most investments this lucrative, you have the opportunity to capture extraordinary, one-week gains without having to be rich. Most anyone can have fun and experience extraordinary winners. And stuff their pockets with cash.
  3. EXPONENTIAL GAINS – Third, my Weekly Cash Clock gives you exponential power over your money. I only recommend trades where a small, usually 5% or 6% move in the stock, will give you a 100% gain or more within four days.
  4. AUTOMATIC PAYDAYS – Fourth, Cash Clock recommendations are guaranteed to automatically pay you any gains you earn within four days… by FRIDAY. So once you get in, there’s nothing to track. Nothing to remember. And you’ll never miss a payday.
  5. SUPER EASY – Finally, they trade as easily as any stock on the major exchanges. With one click of your mouse. And I tell you exactly what to do. So it’s virtually impossible to make a mistake.

In fact, my revolutionary Weekly Cash Clock makes capturing one-week gains so incredibly EASY

A kindergartener could follow my recommendations, place the trades, and be in position to make tons of money.

Let’s face it, no matter what you call these trades, the evidence is overwhelming.

  • You’ve already seen how Weekly Cash Clock finds the channels that have made institutional investors rich for years
  • You’ve already seen how Weekly Cash Clock tracks the convergences that provide winning results
  • You’ve already seen dozens of examples of how easily Weekly Cash Clock trades could get you in on this whole new way to pocket lots of extra money… within four days…
  • You’ve already seen how Weekly Cash Clock trades can double your money – from Monday to Friday – week after week…

So even if you’ve never made a trade in your life, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Weekly Cash Clock has been meticulously engineered. The patterns are thoroughly verified. The trades are carefully screened. And I do ALL the drudge work for you.

So when each week’s opportunity is right for you….

Then all you need to do is decide whether to follow my easy, one-step directions.

And in four days or less… with very little effort… just a few hundred dollars could skyrocket to thousands! By FRIDAY.

Shadow the money THIS WEEK for the newest Weekly Cash Clock trade that could explode for a 100% gain or more by Friday.

Plain and simple, this is one helluva fun way to make money.

In fact, this is the easiest money you’re ever going to make in your life!

And it’s starting right now.

Remember that chart I showed you earlier? The one where a stock like this could double your money by Friday?

Here’s what it looks like with the channels illuminated.

You can see the red “precipitation channel.”

You can see the yellow “parallel channel.”

You can see the green “propulsion channel.”

And most importantly…

You can see the three channels converging. Right now.

And NOW you know exactly what that means.

Put it all together, and we’re looking at a potential 246% gain in the next four days.

And I’m going to tell you – step by step – exactly how to make the trade that could turn every $500 into $1,690 by Friday

If you decide to try my Weekly Cash Clock research service and become a member today.

You can’t find these Weekly Cash Clock gain opportunities anywhere else… at any price.

Almost every single Monday, Weekly Cash Clock unearths extraordinary one-week gains that could make you richer than you ever imagined by Friday.

And now you have the opportunity to be one of the few who could cash in on every single one of them!

An annual subscription to services like my Weekly Cash Clock typically sells for $4,995 or more.

And they sell out quickly at that price.

But this is the first and only time anyone that I know of has been able to get you a seat at THIS table.

The same one where institutional investors have been feasting on enormous, virtually untapped gains for years.

In fact, you’ve just seen dozens of returns that could have turned every $500 into $1,000… $3,000… even $4,000 or more! Over and over again.

So it’s clear that my Weekly Cash Clock service is easily worth much more than $4,995.

You’ll pay just $4,995 for 12 full months – 52 jam-packed weeks – of recommendations you won’t find anywhere else.

And I guarantee you’ll always get that same introductory price for life, as long as you want it. No matter how much the price may increase.

So if you’re serious about this opportunity to secure your nest egg with extraordinary, fast gains from a niche that’s never been exploited like this before…

If you’re willing to see how this new way to make money could turn $500 into $1,690 by FRIDAY… and if you’d love the opportunity to double your money with exciting one-week profits… week after week.

My Weekly Cash Clock could be just what you’ve been looking for.

Don’t take my word for it. My Weekly Cash Clock is already helping people all over the world pocket incredible new gains fast.

Stan James is a veteran trader who can’t believe his Weekly Cash Clock results:

“3 trades [in] 2 weeks, unbelievable results.  You may be correct when you mentioned that ‘This is the Holy Grail.’” 

Alison Church says she’s surprised how fast the gains came:

“It was very easy for me to get into the trade, and was surprised at how fast it moved up. I closed the trade for an even, 100% gain. Thank you Tom for providing this profitable service.”

Randall Burke can’t wait for his next big Weekly Cash Clock gains:

“Great trade idea yesterday on GPS.  I followed it and ended up up 172% in less than 24 hours. When’s the next alert?  Let’s go !!!!”

Paul Green wrote:

“Thanks for the first two recommendations. I closed PANW last week for a 106% profit.”

James Stevens, is simply amazed:

“I love you Tom Gentile!! Up 75% on GPS this morning, and I’m thinking ‘I should cash out now’ but am waiting for the double. God I love this.”

Even the “newbies,” like Jimmy Mitchell can’t get over how fast and easy I make it for them to make money:

“I made +80% in a matter of minutes yesterday. Total gain on the trade was $1,902.  That makes a big impact on a small account like mine.  Thanks Tom! This was actually my first options trade but I thought it was just as easy as buying and selling a security.”

Weekly gains 100% guaranteed…

or your money back.

With my new Weekly Cash Clock, turning as little as $500 into thousands of dollars in one week is not just a dream or a fairy tale.

You’ve already seen exactly how it could have been done over and over again just last year!

With those kinds of potential gains at stake, I know you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to become a member.

I know you don’t want to miss out on being among the first to ride my Cash Clock to a potentially life-changing fortune.

And I don’t want you to miss out either.

So click here or on the button below to secure your membership. In literally MINUTES, you’ll receive my latest Weekly Cash Clock setup.

You’ll get step-by-step details on how to get in on this week’s money-doubling opportunity.

And every single one after that.

To get you started, I insist you try the next eight weeks – eight or more exciting new Cash Clock recommendations – 100% risk-free.

I’m confident that as soon as this time next week, you’ll see that everything I’m telling you about these extraordinary Cash Clock gains is 100% TRUE…

Because the evidence will be busting out of your wallet.

Of course, if you’re dissatisfied with any of those trades… if you don’t see a chance to pocket incredible extra money in four days… or if you’re dissatisfied with my service in any way, one quick phone call within the next 60 days is all it takes to cancel it. And we’ll immediately issue you a full refund of your subscription price.

I don’t want you to risk a single penny.

So even if you take advantage of every single Weekly Cash Clock trade for two full months… even if you turn as little as $500 into $1,000 over and over again… you can still cancel it for any reason. And we’ll return every cent. No questions asked.

What will YOUR wealth look like one week from today?

You’ve seen why doubling your money in one week is the minimum expectation for Weekly Cash Clock trades, like my millions of dollars in research shows…

  • 130.51% GAIN in one week on Goldcorp (GG)
  • 122.56% GAIN in one week on Valero Energy (VLO)
  • 140.33% GAIN in one week on Electronic Arts (EA)
  • 145.45% GAIN in one week on Astra Zeneca (AZN), and
  • 132.99% GAIN in one week on United Health Group (UNH)

And you’ve also seen that often, the gains from Monday to Friday can be life-changing, like…

  • 279.45% GAIN in one week on Monsanto (MON)
  • 310.03% GAIN on Noble (NE) NE
  • 287.61% GAIN in one week on Jazz Pharmaceuticals (JAZZ)
  • 227.15% GAIN in one week on Powershares (QQQ), and an unbelievable
  • 441.87% GAIN in one week on GoPro (GPRO):

Here’s the bottom line:

You don’t have to be a victim of events.

You don’t have to be a fortune teller.

And you don’t have to sit idly by and watch your retirement go up in smoke.

By this time next Friday, you could be at least $1,690 richer no matter what the market does

Or you could keep limping along the way you are. It’s up to you.

Considering that investing as little as $500, Weekly Cash Clock can easily pay for itself with the first on or two trade recommendations… this has to be the easiest decision you’ve faced in a long time. My investing tools are amazing…

Just ask Jared Harris who wrote:

“I was thrilled that my first two trades using your system netted me half my subscription price in the first week!!”

Or Jeff Bartlett, who more than covered his costs on his very first trade with me:

“I made a profit of $3,215 on my very first trade! Tom made it so easy. Thanks so much!!”

All you need to do is click here to review all the details for yourself.

Remember, I’m not asking you to give this a year, a quarter, or even a month.

You should be able to start seeing extra gains in your account by this time in the next 10 to 14 days.

And if you don’t, you can cancel. No harm, no foul.

Surely your wealth… and your future… are worth taking a risk-free look.

A word of warning…

By now it’s crystal clear how powerful Weekly Cash Clock trades can be.

But you should know that Weekly Cash Clock trades do have one limitation: Too much simultaneous activity could affect your gains.

So everyone who wants to become a member and ride the incredible weekly waves to potentially life-changing profits may NOT be able to get in.

And this may be your ONLY invitation to join.

Plus remember, this offer may soon disappear, forever.

To ensure you don’t miss out on this opportunity to double your money by next Friday with my newest Weekly Cash Clock trade, you really should click on the button before Sunday at Midnight.

Or call our staff at 1-855-509-6600 (1-443-353-4770 for international callers) and mention your Introductory Member Priority Code: WWCKT316. They’ll answer any questions you may have and sign you up right away.

I look forward to hearing from you today.


Tom Gentile

America’s #1 Trader

June 2016

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